Hi, I’m Mykola Kovalchuk.
A Software Developer & Architect.

My Message

Hi, I am a Software Developer and Architect with extensive experience in working on big and small, enterprise and consumer applications.

I have several personal projects (see some of them on GitHub). For instance, Stitch Art Easy! was developed from a task requirement to sale to consumers, and went thorough several enhancement and optimization iterations to current version 5.

I have also worked for several big companies, and currently I am with WiseTech Global for over 12 years.


I am originally from Kyiv Ukraine, where I have grown, got education, and work experience in several companies.

There I have joined WiseTech Global (formally known as CargoWise), and after a year of productive cooperation, I have moved to their head office in Sydney Australia.

My interests and education were focused on mathematics and software development, and I was writing my first small applications in middle school.

Other my hobbies include: aikido, cycling, board games, nature travel and activities (like bushwalking and camping).


I have participated in development and maintenance of several enterprise-level systems with multiple modules and complex functionality, including leading role in some important projects, and have gained extensive experience in business analysis and solution design, as well as development from the scratch to the rolling out and maintenance and enhancement stages.

I have a degree in Applied Math, and have used those knowledge in several projects (like calculation of optimal distribution of components, expert system to estimate future trend of specific values using Neural Networks, 3D engine and framework for CAD system, and others.)
I really like to work on such projects, and recently got interest in Data Science and its application (machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence).


Over my career I led development of various projects, fulfill role of technical leader/product specialist in my current team, and frequently mentor new developers in the company.

My other places

Stitch Art Easy!