Simple user interface

Stitch Art Easy! is designed to have simple and clear user interface with experience. 
User interface is localized to several languages. Currently English, Russian, and Ukrainian are supported. More languages may be added on popular demand. 

Pattern scheme wizard

Wizard helps you to create an embroidery pattern scheme from any photo or picture in just few simple steps. 
You just need to select source image, specify desired size, threads kit with maximum colors count, choose symbols (or use random selection), and that’s all.

Scheme editor

After source picture is converted to pattern scheme, you can do additional simple editing, like paint individual cells or regions with different colors, change used threads or their symbols. You can also switch some colors off and on to see where they are located on the scheme. 
All edit operations can be undone and redone with unlimited level of changes.


There are 7 view modes, including just symbols, just colors, several combined symbols with colors modes, and photo-realistic cross-stitch preview mode*. 
You can also change scheme cell size, hide or show grid lines and numbers. 

*Cross-stitch preview mode is still being tested, and its image will be enhanced and improved in future releases.

Print and export

Print preview mode allows to setup printing options and page settings, and quickly see pages layout and how scheme will be divided between pages. 
Detailed preview shows detailed print result for each page. 

New feature has been added to Stitch Art Easy! version 5 – saving scheme to PDF file. Same print preview mode is used to layout pages before saving scheme to PDF file. Produced PDF file contains not just rendered scheme image, but proper detailed instruction how to paint the scheme from lines, colors, and symbols font, giving high-resolution scheme in medium size file. Symbols font is included into PDF file, so the file can be transferred and open on other computers. 

* Note – you will need a third-party application to open PDF file, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader.